Saturday, November 3, 2012

How To Select The Right Plumbing Company In Singapore?

How To Select The Right Plumbing Company In Singapore?

When the plumbing system is not a perfect life inside the house will be miserable. Leakages as well as clogging of water in kitchen, bathroom and washing rooms etc. are to be rectified immediately and also perfectly. Even a minute problem with the plumbing system cannot be left unattended.

In Singapore, those who search for a plumbing company may come across with a lot of service providers who offer the best services for the lowest charges. However, one must select the plumbing service provider very carefully so as to ensure the best service at reasonable costs.If one could select the best plumbing service company he can entrust with them all types of plumbing works – repairing sudden leakages and other problems, routine maintenance of the plumbing system and installation of new devices or laying of new pipelines etc.

Accessibility throughout 24x7 hours
Plumbing problems are to be attended immediately and they can occur at any point time. Hence the plumbing service provider must be accessible at any time during the day and night. The ideal plumbing company must promptly attend to the phone calls from customers round the clock and depute their service personnel to the spot immediately.

Qualified and efficient manpower
When you select a plumbing service company in Singapore you must ensure that they are equipped with qualified and experienced professionals who have the required license to perform their job. Unless they have sufficient manpower they cannot attend to problems reported by customers in time. If a company has a shortage of qualified technical personnel they are unable to provide emergency services. Moreover they cannot ensure quality service.

Prompt and reliable
According to the nature of the problem the customers expect either emergency service or normal service from the plumbing companies. However, in both the cases the plumbing professionals must be prompt in attending to the problem. If it is an emergency call they should attend the same in no time and in case of normal service they should honour the scheduled appointments. Their service charges must be reasonable and when they go the customer’s place in order to attend the problem they must go with all necessary equipments and materials etc.

Guarantee for quality
Quality of service is the most important aspect tobe considered while selecting a plumbing company. For the work that they carry out there must be a warranty for a minimum period of three months. If something goes wrong during the warranty period it is their duty to rectify the same immediately free of charges. The professional plumbing company will issue a business receipt to the customer that contains the date on which the work was done, the nature of work done and the warranty clause.

Make your selection from the internet
It is very easy to find out the reputed and most reliable plumbing company in Singapore just by browsing the internet. From the websites one can make out whether the plumbing company has proper manpower, whether they provide warranty and insurance cover for their work and whetherthey offer emergency services round the clock. They must be economical also. Find proven home services company.

In Singapore, there are sufficient numbers of plumbing companies that are truly professional and are reliable. One should be able to identify the best service provider so that he can solve his plumbing problems quickly and efficiently in a cost-effective manner.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Importance of Regular Plumbing Maintenance

Importance of Regular Plumbing Maintenance
All of us always take for granted the convenience of homes – you turn on our tap and there runs cool clean water for your drinking and cooking purposes and you turn on the shower and you could enjoy a refreshing bath in cool or warm water of your choice etc. Are you aware that there are both cold and hot water pipes laid in your bathrooms and toilets as well as in your kitchen or any areas that have water supply?

Machines and furniture undergo wear and tear; similarly your plumbing system also deteriorates over time with regular usage. Whenever you use the kitchen sink, it is inevitable food pieces are left in the sink, some could be too lazy to clear the debris and let it flow down the pipes together with the dirty water. Inevitably the sink will choke and the water can only flow slowly or not all!  The same could happen to your bath tub if you did not remove hair or any small items. Soon you will find water not flowing out from the bath tub and eventually water seeping from the bottom of your bath tub!

Besides choking problems, it is not uncommon to notice water leaking from the water closet of your toilet system. There are times when you would also notice water leaking slowly from your tap, or worse still, water bursting out from the taps or pipes!  For these instances, at least you know the source of the problem and can therefore switch off the valves to control the supply of water in that area, without switching off the main. What if you are unfortunate enough to find brown water seeping slowly into your kitchen from the above floor? The water is brownish and you are concerned if this leak is from the water pipes or sewerage system as you are a layman and unable to find the exact source of the leak. All these are real problems that can cause a lot of stress to the household.

Before all hell breaks loose, you need to be vigilant to your plumbing system at all times.  You should do regular cursory check and maintenance yourself e.g. when you find that the water from the sink is not flowing smoothly, you should remove the joint at the bottom of the sink and remove as much debris as possible.

However, if you have done the basic steps and the problem persists, you have to consult a professional plumber to determine if there are other problems in the piping system. If you have installed a bath tub or Jacuzzi, it is wise to seek professionals to review and inspect the system regularly before any serious problem occur, they could clean, repair, replace etc., as appropriate. Similarly, if your house is already very old, you should consider getting a professional plumber to review your piping system regularly, lest any should burst or leak, as a tiny hole could already wreak havoc to your or your neighbour’s household.

Remember, water is precious, having serious leaking problem means losing your money daily, hence engage professional plumbers to review your system now and then to keep serious problems at bay. Also, having a list of plumbers’ contact, definitely gives you lots of relief when the inevitable happens.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Benefits of Using a Reliable Plumbing Company

Benefits of Using a Reliable Plumbing Company
With growing appreciation of the need for good quality works, we are also being blessed with the rise of good and reliable plumbing companies.  Many a time, we cannot but admit that such trustworthy forward-looking companies have won us peace of mind.  Indeed they have helped us save much time and money, which otherwise would have cost us more had we been dealing with sub-par ones.  Needless to say, whether we are engaging a plumbing company or any other form of services, having minimum risks and ending up as happy and satisfied customers are what we desire and deserve.  Hard earned monies are meant to be well spent.

The benefits of engaging a reliable company as compared to a sub-standard one are simply too many:

1.    Trustworthy Completion
A reliable company usually means an experienced one.  It has seen failures and outgrown them to become stable and trustworthy.  While one may argue that new companies also had their chances to see the potential plumbing problems that can go astray in a household or office, they probably haven’t seen them enough to make justifiable suggestions and interventions.  One very good thing about working with good experienced company is that it had gone through the problem that you’re having many many times, and can instantly know how to appropriately deal with the issue.  Because they have dealt with such issues over and over again, you can rest assure that you will be spared from the miseries of having to call them back again for a rework or an omitted task, or any fault that is to happen due to their mishandlings.  They believe in “Getting It Right the First Time”, which greatly eliminates complications arising from an unacceptable work.  And that translates to a lesser cost.

2.    Warranties & Guarantees
If oversights and misfortunes indeed happened, reputable companies are often more than happy to return and re-fix any problem that is clearly in their fault.  In any case, warranties and guarantees are offered for all installations and work rendered by most good plumbing companies.

3.    Lesser Utility Bills
Thoughtful companies will thoroughly go through all repairs proper, cutting down leaks and diminishing plumbing problems.  Utility bills can be greatly inflated from unattended water leaks coming from a shower head or loosened tap.

4.    Safeguard from Insurance Costs
Good trusted plumbing companies are often equipped with workmen compensation and liability insurance.  This can save you greatly should some misfortunes occur at your place when the plumber is trying to fix your problem.

5.    Good Recommendation of Products

A large number of good plumbing companies have good product knowledge and preventive maintenance suggestions they are glad to share with you.  They help to keep your system functioning well without major disruptions, thereby staying free from costly repairs.

6.    Prevent Small Problems from Turning into Bigger Ones
Similar to a regular health check program, a regular visit from a reputable plumbing company can help savage unnoticed minor problems from aggravating into unmanageable ones.

Take heed that not all plumbers are good at their jobs, so are some who are just unreliable.  Although the charges from good and reliable plumbing company are usually slightly higher to cover their higher overheads, you stand a much higher chance of avoiding hardship later on.  Don’t gamble when you’re after plumbing service.  CHEAPER IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER!

Friday, July 13, 2012

How to Select a Professional Plumbing Company?

How to Select a Professional Plumbing Company?
Today, the market has too many plumbers, plumbing contractors and plumbing companies that exist in different various forms and sizes.  So much so that you’re at a lost when it comes to whom to contact for your plumbing needs.  Some may be new to the market and yet able to deliver excellent jobs.  Some may have been long in the market but unable to provide sustainable good works.  And there are also those that have existed long enough to earn themselves fantastic reputations.

While it is true that finding the right professional company is challenging and may take quite a bit of work, you can be sure that once you’ve established that, it will be there for life.  Here are some simple tips on going about your search.

1. Choose Company over Individual
Why should you choose a plumbing company over an individual plumber for your needs?  The reasons are simple.  A company, with better resources, can respond immediately to your call in most emergency cases.  With a plumber who operates individually, this may not be so as he is often behind schedule and tends to put you on hold for some time.  This individual (if unlicensed), does not belong to any group and will not be held accountable for when complications arise from sloppy work or work that doesn’t conform to agreements.  Things would be different if a proper licensed company handles your job, as work provided is generally held to a higher standard and they are committed to resolve your problems efficiently.

2. Ask for Recommendations
Consult friends, family members or any trusted individuals around you for good recommendations.  Most home owners would have at some point of their life, met up with reliable plumbing companies.  Check with them on the performance of their plumbers, if they ever leave the house in a mess, if jobs were fairly priced and if jobs were completed competently…
Your acquainted contractor is another good source you can turn to.  Contractors are constantly in touch with plumber companies.  If your contractor can trust that company, so can you.

3. Browse the Internet & Forums
Things have become more convenient with the internet.  Simply search for plumbing services and a chunk load of information will be made available.  Read customer reviews and feed-backs, they tell you a lot about what to expect.

Yellow pages aren’t as informative though, and it is hard to know the competitiveness of the listed plumbers as no customer review is available.

4. License & Insurance
Check for valid license/certification from issuing authorities.  An unlicensed operator means a lack of insurance to cover both himself and his workers.  That can be a problem when damages or injuries arise during the course of the job.  You, the customer, becomes fully responsible for the resultant expenses.  Take heed that engaging an unlicensed operator can be a chaos decision in the making; preventing future hardships should be your choice.

5. Job Warranty
It pays also to watch out for little red flags.  They are good ways to gauge if your selected plumbing company is in par with your expectations.  Some of these would include not keeping to their words, leaving you waiting for days or weeks, making strange excuses, etc. 

In your course of your selection, don’t forget about comparing quotes, some companies charge simply for walking through your premise.  Be clear on what you’re paying for.

Everyone understands that hiring an unreliable plumber is a risk unworthy to take.  With the knowledge you now have on smelling out the reliable ones, do a little research and you shall be rewarded, for long years to come.

Monday, July 2, 2012

How to Select the Right Plumber

How to Select the Right Plumber
Be it in the industrial, commercial or domestic sector, plumbers and their expertise are essential to the sound operation of a community.   Some of you may be adventurous and keen to undertake your own repairs, but sometimes, situations can go out of hand and become aggravated.  The undesired result often comes one with more property damages and bigger repair bills.  Remember, problems in plumbing area tend to escalate; a light task may suddenly turn into a big confusion.  Dripping taps, jammed toilets, sluggish water flows may all be signs that the help of a competent plumber be called for.

With so many potential plumbing problems waiting to take off in our households, knowing where to contact a credible plumber is a consolation should a pipe burst unexpectedly.  Indeed, the best time to select a good plumber is before you actually need one as it can be difficult to do so in an actual emergency.  And it is also worthwhile to have another plumber added to your emergency list in case your top choice happens to be living his overseas holiday dream at the time of your misfortune, or is busy attending to another misfortune and has no time to see yours soon enough…

Getting hold of a reputable plumber, however, is not too difficult as news of inferior workmanship spreads easily and you can often sniff them all too easily.  When you’ve hit upon a good one, consider engaging them for future emergencies, repairs or even installation of new works.

Here are some of the ways to reach out for a credible plumber:

1. Ask homeowners whom you trust.  Most homeowners, have, at some point of time, been in touch with   a plumbing professional and happy enough to recommend him to you.
2. Call a contractor you know.  Contractor have frequent dealings with plumbers and have well-formed opinions about plumbers, their work qualities as well as their price competencies.
3. Talk to your realtor who helped you bought your home.  Realtors often introduce contractors and plumbers to their customers out of good will.  They also do it to delight their customers to stay as repeat customers. 
4. Browse the web or newspapers if you have no one above to help you.  You can easily find out if the plumber you’re eyeing is reliable, simply by reading their customer feedback or reviews (on the web).

Having scouted out your potential plumber, also keep a look-out for other red flags that may further add on to your misfortune. 

1. The plumber should best be licensed, as it signifies that he has undergone a certified training program that entails correct usage of equipments and materials.  They should have the required tools to give timely and efficient service.  Most importantly, they must be doing it.

2. The plumber observes strict safety guidelines to make sure jobs are finished without complications.

3. Make sure the plumber offers safety guarantees during projects.  It is important they your selected plumber can deal with accidental injuries or property damages that occur in a professional and timely manner.

4. You are not being waited too long before a job starts.  A good plumber should finish his job in good time.

5. Compare quotes from another plumber/s so that you are content with your choice.  Quotes need to be detailed so that you understand what you’re really paying for.  Clarify doubtful costs to avoid stunning expenses later.

6. Clarify all unknowns to avoid any disagreement that might occur later, not agreeing right away to all the products and services may save you from a bad situation.

7. Professional attitude of cleaning up work area after finishing job, which also include restoration of area to pristine condition and removal of rubbish.

As in all services, negative experiences and disputes are undesirable and tend to transform into unforgettable and unforgivable events.  Doing some homework and taking some slight precautions can help you ward off unpleasant happenings that will turn your new experiences into both a happy and trustworthy one.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Reliable Plumbing Services in Singapore

Reliable Plumbing Services in Singapore

Most of us expect our area’s system to work well always; we use utilities several times a day. When you face a plumbing emergency that require immediate attention? We are taken unaware and appear stranded. We would quickly search the internet or ask for numbers to seek help from a plumber. We experience wear and tear for everything and by engaging the right company will have the ability to attend to the situation at an affordable rate and assure that no recurrence in the near future. Plumbing is advisable to be left to a professional company, as it requires knowledge and skills to repair. Most of us always wait for things to happen before we react. There is a possibility of a plumbing faulty at some time during your stay.

Leakage can be a costly problem for your commercial or residential building. It will affect your property value. If you notice any leakage, it is best to get a professional to assist you. Professional plumbers can identify right away and repair to stop all problems. They will be able to point and spot out potential problems that might happen in the future. It is advisable to get them fixed or repaired in order to avoid a higher cost incurred.

Finding a plumber is easy, but finding a professional and reliable may require some time. There are many people who are willing to do the job, but they are not licensed. Never hire freelancer plumber as they may be unqualified and they may just charge you without doing anything.

If you are looking for someone reliable to solve your problems, you can count on 24hrs Plumber Singapore. We offer a range of services which include replacing, replacing and installing for all residential and commercial properties. Our team of professionals have numerous years of experience and all our plumbers are certified and licensed. We are committed to provide affordable and quality plumbing services. We believe that building a long term relationship with our clients, your concerns is our concerns. We provide island-wide to assist all our clients. We can meet your emergency 365 days a years at the utmost competitive price! We will ensure that you will never face any problem in the near future!

A few major services 24hrs Plumber Singapore specialise in:
1.    Choke of toilet bowl
2.    Floor trap choke
3.    Leakage of copper pipe
4.    Replacement of basin
5.    Burst pipes
6.    Water tank pressure pump
7.    All plumbing fixtures

We pride ourselves on being particular to all services with our quality. Nevertheless, always seek assistance from a professional plumbing company.

Your happiness & satisfaction is directly tied in us.
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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Reliable Plumbing Services in Singapore

How to choose a reliable plumbing company in Singapore
Plumbing is an essential factor in sustaining your home. Even if there are no leakages or plumbing issues that surfaced, it is still advisable to have a plumber to inspect annually as there may be leaks in areas that you do not have ease of access such as small area in your home that will hold moisture. If it is not repaired or removed hasty, mold will develop and spread rapidly. This will be massive of problems that can have a crucial effect on you and your loved ones. A professional plumber can aid you by removing this before it became irrecoverable and the overall of replacing the areas may be costly. They are helping you to detect problems and saving your money and life.

Searching for a plumber is easy as there are many plumbers in today’s market; the main problem is getting the right person to assist you. Professional Plumber can be identified as they will inform and recommend you the right place with potential problems that will incur in future. Would you rather pay for the cost of emergency plumbing or paying one to two hours of service fee on annual inspection? Having a regular plumbing service before anything happen may be one of the best options as this will assist you to save huge replacement cost. To avoid additional repair costs, start repairing those major issues first.

It is important that you DO NOT HIRE freelance plumbers that are not licensed and qualified. Freelance plumbers may or may not be professional, as some of their license may be suspended by relevant authorities or they are not qualified. Their working quality may not be good and you may end up paying them, putting a risk at getting nothing done.

So many plumbers in Singapore but why engage 24 hours Plumber Singapore? We provide all our clients with quality plumbing services at the utmost competitive price without compromising our service. Our team of professional plumbers will be there to troubleshoot and repair work will be done if necessary. We will only advise our clients if we found any fault and hope that they have a safe and trouble-free environment. Whatever time you need us, we will definitely be there to aid you!
24 hours Plumber Singapore provides service such as:
Clearing of floor trap choke
Clearing of toilet & basin choke
Replacing damaged tap
Replacing and repairing exposed copper pipe leak
We have built our reputation on being particular to all our plumbing servicing with our quality. Nevertheless, it is still advisable to engage a professional plumbing company.

Your happiness & satisfaction is directly tied in us.
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