Friday, July 13, 2012

How to Select a Professional Plumbing Company?

How to Select a Professional Plumbing Company?
Today, the market has too many plumbers, plumbing contractors and plumbing companies that exist in different various forms and sizes.  So much so that you’re at a lost when it comes to whom to contact for your plumbing needs.  Some may be new to the market and yet able to deliver excellent jobs.  Some may have been long in the market but unable to provide sustainable good works.  And there are also those that have existed long enough to earn themselves fantastic reputations.

While it is true that finding the right professional company is challenging and may take quite a bit of work, you can be sure that once you’ve established that, it will be there for life.  Here are some simple tips on going about your search.

1. Choose Company over Individual
Why should you choose a plumbing company over an individual plumber for your needs?  The reasons are simple.  A company, with better resources, can respond immediately to your call in most emergency cases.  With a plumber who operates individually, this may not be so as he is often behind schedule and tends to put you on hold for some time.  This individual (if unlicensed), does not belong to any group and will not be held accountable for when complications arise from sloppy work or work that doesn’t conform to agreements.  Things would be different if a proper licensed company handles your job, as work provided is generally held to a higher standard and they are committed to resolve your problems efficiently.

2. Ask for Recommendations
Consult friends, family members or any trusted individuals around you for good recommendations.  Most home owners would have at some point of their life, met up with reliable plumbing companies.  Check with them on the performance of their plumbers, if they ever leave the house in a mess, if jobs were fairly priced and if jobs were completed competently…
Your acquainted contractor is another good source you can turn to.  Contractors are constantly in touch with plumber companies.  If your contractor can trust that company, so can you.

3. Browse the Internet & Forums
Things have become more convenient with the internet.  Simply search for plumbing services and a chunk load of information will be made available.  Read customer reviews and feed-backs, they tell you a lot about what to expect.

Yellow pages aren’t as informative though, and it is hard to know the competitiveness of the listed plumbers as no customer review is available.

4. License & Insurance
Check for valid license/certification from issuing authorities.  An unlicensed operator means a lack of insurance to cover both himself and his workers.  That can be a problem when damages or injuries arise during the course of the job.  You, the customer, becomes fully responsible for the resultant expenses.  Take heed that engaging an unlicensed operator can be a chaos decision in the making; preventing future hardships should be your choice.

5. Job Warranty
It pays also to watch out for little red flags.  They are good ways to gauge if your selected plumbing company is in par with your expectations.  Some of these would include not keeping to their words, leaving you waiting for days or weeks, making strange excuses, etc. 

In your course of your selection, don’t forget about comparing quotes, some companies charge simply for walking through your premise.  Be clear on what you’re paying for.

Everyone understands that hiring an unreliable plumber is a risk unworthy to take.  With the knowledge you now have on smelling out the reliable ones, do a little research and you shall be rewarded, for long years to come.