Monday, August 6, 2012

Importance of Regular Plumbing Maintenance

Importance of Regular Plumbing Maintenance
All of us always take for granted the convenience of homes – you turn on our tap and there runs cool clean water for your drinking and cooking purposes and you turn on the shower and you could enjoy a refreshing bath in cool or warm water of your choice etc. Are you aware that there are both cold and hot water pipes laid in your bathrooms and toilets as well as in your kitchen or any areas that have water supply?

Machines and furniture undergo wear and tear; similarly your plumbing system also deteriorates over time with regular usage. Whenever you use the kitchen sink, it is inevitable food pieces are left in the sink, some could be too lazy to clear the debris and let it flow down the pipes together with the dirty water. Inevitably the sink will choke and the water can only flow slowly or not all!  The same could happen to your bath tub if you did not remove hair or any small items. Soon you will find water not flowing out from the bath tub and eventually water seeping from the bottom of your bath tub!

Besides choking problems, it is not uncommon to notice water leaking from the water closet of your toilet system. There are times when you would also notice water leaking slowly from your tap, or worse still, water bursting out from the taps or pipes!  For these instances, at least you know the source of the problem and can therefore switch off the valves to control the supply of water in that area, without switching off the main. What if you are unfortunate enough to find brown water seeping slowly into your kitchen from the above floor? The water is brownish and you are concerned if this leak is from the water pipes or sewerage system as you are a layman and unable to find the exact source of the leak. All these are real problems that can cause a lot of stress to the household.

Before all hell breaks loose, you need to be vigilant to your plumbing system at all times.  You should do regular cursory check and maintenance yourself e.g. when you find that the water from the sink is not flowing smoothly, you should remove the joint at the bottom of the sink and remove as much debris as possible.

However, if you have done the basic steps and the problem persists, you have to consult a professional plumber to determine if there are other problems in the piping system. If you have installed a bath tub or Jacuzzi, it is wise to seek professionals to review and inspect the system regularly before any serious problem occur, they could clean, repair, replace etc., as appropriate. Similarly, if your house is already very old, you should consider getting a professional plumber to review your piping system regularly, lest any should burst or leak, as a tiny hole could already wreak havoc to your or your neighbour’s household.

Remember, water is precious, having serious leaking problem means losing your money daily, hence engage professional plumbers to review your system now and then to keep serious problems at bay. Also, having a list of plumbers’ contact, definitely gives you lots of relief when the inevitable happens.