Thursday, August 29, 2013

Why Is Plumbing Service So Expensive in Singapore?

Why Is Plumbing Service So Expensive in Singapore? 

Staying in the city-state of Singapore is not an easy thing. For once, the fourth best financial hub of the World is quite expensive and when we say expensive, we mean it! The standard of living is extremely high and considering this point, the costs of services are sky-rocketing. When it comes to one of the most basic service needed at home, the role of plumbing cannot be overlooked. Right from fixing the broken tap to look after the water leak, plumbers are needed by everyone, but why is plumbing service so expensive in this place? We answer you why:

High material cost:
Well if you are supposed to pay $100 for a particular hour of getting a plumbing service, it is quite bothersome and affects your monthly budget vehemently. But the real reason behind the high cost is not only the rate charged by the plumbers, but also the high cost of materials. One must understand that in Singapore, the cost of materials needed by plumbers to fix things is extremely high and when it is added with the normal plumbing charges, the result is an exuberant bill. Hence it is not really the plumbing company that is exploiting the customers, but the overall plumbing repairs material that is the real factor.

Deficiency of Licensed plumbers:
There are not many licensed plumbers working in Singapore. While the big plumbing companies offers the services of only licensed professionals, the small companies are contented to hire plumbers with a general contracting license. It must be noted here that getting a license in Singapore is really difficult since a person needs to go through a variety of test and submit valid working proof, but this particular option is not very tenable for everyone since local plumbers are contented working with the local building codes and do not feel the necessity of getting a license. Without a valid license, the plumbers can charge exorbitant prices without informing the clients about the actual cost involved and this factor hikes up the plumbing cost.

Overhead expenses:
While in the above-mentioned point, we only discussed about the repairing costs, the overhead expenses borne by the plumbing companies also factors for the unnecessary hike of the service charge. The plumbing companies often include overhead expenses like maintenance of staff, electricity bill and other costs without intimating it to the clients. Also the cost of the premium liability insurance that is taken by the insurance company to safeguard itself from water damage and any other problem that they might face while working at home is also included in the service charges that unnecessarily increase the cost.

These are just some of the factors that have contributed to the expensive plumbing service in Singapore. The high demand of plumbers and the short supply of well trained, professional and licensed plumbers have also lead to a demand-supply disbalance causing the prices to shoot up. Now, it is up to you, whether you seek their services or want to instead, jump for the. Do it yourself’ strategy.