Tuesday, June 24, 2014

7 Warnings On Unlicensed Plumber

It may seem cheaper to hire a handyman for your home improvement. However, you could regret later. When you need a plumber in your house, you must make a wise decision on who you are going for. Cheap rates usually lead to poor services and hiring an unlicensed plumber can expose you to some risks in the aftermath.

• Risky

An unlicensed plumber will not have an insurance cover. There could be an accident and one of the workers get hurt or any of your house members could get hurt. If or when any of these happen, then all the medical bills will be on you. If any of the children drops a tool on their foot, for example, then you will have to cater to the medical bills entirely. On the other hand, a licensed specialist will have an insurance cover for any risks and accidents involved that will be covered by t
he insurance company.

• Outdated plumbing materials

Most of the times, the materials of plumbers who are not licensed are usually not up to date. This is because these plumbers are usually examined by the governing body to ensure their plumbing tools are current enough to ensure a satisfying job. One who is not licensed usually have cheap, outdated materials since they will not need to pay any fees for new and certified equipments.

• Unethical Conduct or Behavior

These plumbers are normally never answerable to any governing body. For that they will not be accountable for whichever thing that emerges in the process of work, which discourages a well observance of perfect safety guidelines. Getting a plumber that is not licensed may lead you to having people who work for the sake of finishing the given job and get paid rather than respecting your property and their work.

• Untrustworthy Industry Policies

Most of trained plumbers are sanctioned by a country, municipality or province to service offer water system services. For that reason, they are well trained to give out top-class home improvement services. The one who is not licensed do not have technical knowledge and they lack discipline in the work delivered. They may not work perfectly as expected since they lack proper training.

• Work Denial

Showing that one is licensed shows that they are willing to comply with the laws, safety measures and regulations provided by the relevant governing body. That will give you confidence in whichever area you assign them. A plumber that is not licensed will not show dedication to the field that he is working on and they may just be in for the money.

• Possible Slow working rate

For a plumber that is not licensed, they will or might reduce the working rate of the job assigned. Normally, they do not have any insurance company covering their work process and themselves. For that, if any of them is injured, they might leave the job at where they were at that time and continue when they are recovered again. If they have an insurance cover, an extra worker will be sent to your place to finish up the job that was at a stall so as to avoid more accidents and tidy the place.

• Expensive

Yes, it may be cheaper to hire someone to quickly fix your broken water system. Nevertheless, there could be some involved issues that may end up costing you more money. If for instance your neighbor gets hurt in the event of the plumbing, you could be taken to court and you will end up paying massive fines that you did not expect. If also the water system is not fixed well, you will have to pay more money to another plumber to fix it, or the previous one will claim they did their job perfectly and that will force you to pay an extra fee for them to fix the problem.

Plumbing is a sensitive job that needs a professional who is licensed and proves quality delivery and full responsibility. You do not need to take care of the mess that you couldn’t fix in the first place by hiring an unlicensed plumber, who will end up doing a quick-to-get-paid job, leaving you with a heavy burden to take care of. Keep in mind that cheap stuff and shortcut deals always lead to poor service delivery and expensive penalties.