Monday, May 20, 2019

How Much Does it Cost for Toilet Choking in Singapore?

Singapore celebrated 50 years of independence in 2015, a lot has changed in Singapore since then, which also includes the toilet system of Singapore. Earlier Singapore had two different types of toilet systems, one for rural and one for urban areas of the country. In rural areas, pit latrines were dug outside the houses which were shared by few families. Once the pit was full, it was emptied into some nearby waterways. On the other hand, in urban Singapore, the waste was collected in a container which was placed under the hole of squat toilets built in the houses. The collection of waste was executed during the night hours.

From having people to collect human waste to getting a sophisticated sewage system of its own, Singapore has come a long way. But with new toilet arrangements come new problems, toilet choking is one of them.

Causes of Toilet Choking

If a house has an older generation low-flow toilet then it will have frequent clogging.If someone tries to flush items that are not supposed to be flushed like baby diapers, Q- tips, etc. then it can cause the toilet to clog.Toilet trap is the curved porcelain structure in the toilet seat. Sometimes if the trap has large accumulations then it can cause the toilet to block.Regular clogging can also be due to problems in the main sewer line.

Effects of Toilet Choking

The water in the toilet bowl rises and even spreads to the floor, sometimes some floating material is also seen in the process that makes the surrounding disgusting for families.The flush water has no place to go because of the overflow. If by chance someone flushes it unknowingly then a huge amount of water spillage can occur.

Steps After Toilet Choking

If you already have a choked toilet, then below are the steps that you should follow –
You should not flush the toilet otherwise it can worsen the situation. Also, tell other family members regarding the toilet choking so that they don’t flush the toilet accidentally. Wait for the water level to come down and then only use the toilet again.After the water level has come down then only proceed with finding out what is blocking the toilet.If the situation does not seem to clear out in a few hours then definitely you should call for professional help. Otherwise, a choked toilet can bring a lot of diseases to your place.

Measures to Stop Toilet Choking

Although one can’t claim to prevent toilet choking 100% efficiently but there are few measures that one should take which will definitely reduce the chances of toilet choking.

One should not throw any item which is not easily flushable, like Diapers, newspapers, polythene bags, etc.One should ensure that there is proper cleaning of the toilet bowl on a regular basis.If there is regular choking of the toilet then definitely one should seek professional help.

Cost of Different Toilet Choking Services Available in Singapore

There are mainly two kinds of plumbing services in Singapore.

Individual Plumbers – These are the skilled laborers who are not associated with any firm and they operate individually. They sometimes lack in having high-tech plumbing equipments which might have made their jobs easy and quick. Due to the less investment they make and no middle costs involved in appointing them, their costs are considerably lower in Singapore than compared to what different plumbing firms charge. They can be called upon to the site either directly or by visiting their shops which one can easily find in Singapore.

Charges - $80 - $200 (Depending on location and nature of work)
Plumbing Firms – There are many plumbing firms in Singapore who have established themselves pretty well in the industry. They provide professional training to their plumbers and also they have high-tech plumbing equipments which reduces human effort & time. There are many plumbing firms in Singapore which provide services at a phone call. One can find many billboards and leaflets of plumbing firms in Singapore. Although their costs are a bit higher than individual plumbers but their services are excellent and very professional.

Charges - $100 - $250 (Prices may vary depending on location and nature of work)

So, clearly, the cost of clearing the toilet choking in Singapore is around $80 to $250. But one should keep all the above points in mind while judging the cost of the unclogging service.